Tetehmani Harbor Faction Guide

Tetehmani Harbor Solo Faction Grind Guide
Guide compiled by Illusive

Acolyte rank: (0 faction to 1K faction)
Grab the two solo quests at the tip of the pennensula in the Tetahmani harbor chunk at the docks after completing your lucent medal quest (just talk to people and kill rats/snakes basically) after getting acolyte rank, you get offered 4 quests 2 of them are solo,
One requires 50 essences, the other requires 100 snakes/rats, the mobs themselves do not reward faction but the quest turn in does.

The easiest way to the spot, is to head up along the western shore and once you get to the end of the pennensula, head north east. There you will see a large hill with a pyramid atop it. on each side of the hill are the 2 prime ae spots.

On the right side (as you run up) you can grab some of the snakes / rats in the gap between the mini mountain and the pyramid, as well as all the mobs in the vicinity, try to avoid pulling the one’s up on the hill as they tend to get stuck.

On the left side, you can pull all the mobs in this area and kite them in the little “basin” at the bottom, its just big enough to make a large circle. Solo these mobs give around 11k xp per kill, so killing 15-20 at once rewards a ton of xp. they’re around lvl 46-47 2 dots.

Apprentice rank (after 1k faction)
This one offers 4 more new quests and you can no longer get the old snakes/rats quests.

The solo 2 dot mobs are beetle looking mobs that you can swarm kite for the 100/50 quest just like the rats/snakes, I haven’t done this quest because doing the small group once’s are more lucrative.

The group quests require you to kill 75 birds and collect 30 wings. The wings are on a slower drop rate so you WILL have to kill more than 75 birds to collect 30 wings (can this get adjusted?) on average I was killing 100 birds for 30 wings.

The birds are not casters, have no stuns, snares, ranged abilitys, and are completely cake to ae.

To get to the birds head up the path that leads into the Tethamani temple area (up the road to the top of the plataue) and turn left as soon as you get up, follow the cliff to the last pyramid on the left, the birds are all around this pyramid.

They are 3 dot mobs lvl 47-48, and have a long leesh, so you can easily pick up 6-10 mobs in one area.

I’d suggest starting out low with just 3 mobs until you get the hang of it, because they run at 10% life, and you will need to ice quake them and spam fireball right before 10% to finish them off because they have crazy regen when they try to run.

Once you’re comfortable with 3, move up 1 more each time until you’re satisfied with the # of mobs you can kill. Generally speaking I dont pass more than 6 mobs(solo) unless I’ve got help and I’m duo/trio’ing the mobs.

These mobs reward around 25k xp per kill solo 6 of them is also a nice chunk of xp

The reason why I grind these mobs is they all give 1pt of lucent circle faction, and are very easy to Full speed kite/kill. the two quest turn ins give 60 and 120 faction, and when you add up the # of mobs req to finish off the quests you get around 250-280 faction per quest run. I can get the two quests done in around 2 hours solo, and with help about an hour.

Warrior rank (3k faction)
Okay this quest for warrior title is just plain crazy, if you didn’t have someone give you a clue you’d never figure it out unless you got lucky and randomly hit the right order.

#1 you get no updates till you’re done with ALL 6 riddles.
#2 figuring out the riddle is just insane. I found the pattern only after someone told me you have to spell “riddle”

It works like this
There are 6 stones
each stone is named differently (**edit wrote down the names**)
you have to right click all 6 stones in the correct order to spell riddle.

the hard part is each name doesn’t begin with the letters needed to spell riddle, the pattern is like this

First word (Retenu)


Second word (nItoci)


Third word (meDijay)


Fourth word (horDji)


Fifth word (corbLa)


Sixth word (bakarE)


click them in that order and on the 6th one you can enter the temple and talk to the NPC to finish the quest and get the shard.

The other part is easy, just rent a flying mount from wyrmwing slopes and fly to the tops of each temple.

viola you’re now a warrior.

–The group quests for warrior rank have you kill 75 undead and loot 30 bones off their corpses (again takes average 100 mobs to get 30 bones please adjust the drop rate so you finish collecting bones when you kill 75 mobs)

The undead are soloable, but not really swarm kitable due to most of them cast a mez that lasts for 40 seconds! they also have 3 dots they cast that can quickly add up to a good chunk of your HP. These also give 1 faction per kill

–The solo quests send you to kill 50 grunts and 50 panthers, and collect 25 charms from the grunts and panthers. These are CAKE solo AE kite. Mobs are really tightly packed, have no ranged abilities or stuns/snares. The hardest part is when they get stuck and you have to group them up again due to un-even terrain. They give about 8.5k xp per kill. There is one good kite spot in each camp that has flat ground, and I usually rotate between the two spots to make kiting easier and quicker. You can also collect more charms than you need, which isn’t really useful because the two quests are separated out, as in charm / mob on one, and charm/mob on another. So you cant over collect them and do 2 turn in’s back to back on the charms.

Templar rank (6K faction)

The test of strength sends you to nubsie, so It will be some time before I can get my guildies caught up on the same step, and we head over to the dungeon to start looking for the named we need. Will update with more info once I get this part done.

Tranquil Thought:

Step1, go to the two temples and kill the mobs there till you get a random (rare) drop that you need to update it.
Step2, once you have both rare tablets, head over to nubsie, and use your quest dot to guide you to the NPC where the turn in is. He’s in a very large room with like 4-5 different tunnels out, he’s in the center surrounded by very large NON agro skeleton mobs. hail him to complete tranquil thought. He’s a floating head.

Hero’s strength-
Time to head back to nusibe (or if you’re in the floating head guy room)

From the floating head guy room,
head up the steps in the back left hand side of the room. (stairs go up)
At the top once you get to the 5 non agro NPC’s you will need to turn right. After you get through these few pasages you will see the tehatamani mobs you need. From here you really cant go a wrong way just make sure you dont take any right handed turns at any crossroads. It will eventually open up into a large room with a bunch of pillars, and in the middle will be the named mob he’s a lvl 50 5-dot with two 4dot adds (49 and lvl 50) surrounded by 6 other 4 dot mobs, and two roaming skeletons on each side.

We cleared 4 mobs to the left/right of him and left the other ones behind him alone. cleared the skeletons and the door mobs and cc’d one add, I off tanked the other 4d add, while the ranger tanked the named.

After kill you can evac and head back for turn in. Congrats on templar rank.

Justice Rank (10K faction)

The solo quests ask you to kill beetles 100 and collect 50 pinchers. The beetles have no ranged abilties, and you can gain roughly 60-70 pinchers per 100 clearing, you can accumulate more than the 50 req and do a double turn in if you feel like grinding a few more. The beetles are so plentiful that the area supports 2-3 solo’ers swarm ae kiting at once. They are great soloing for a sorc for xp / faction.

The group quests require you to kill scorpions, pretty straight forward, swarm kiting the beetles so far seems the easiest to do. Scorps are a pita because they cast sheild wall type of mit buff on themselves, so fireballs hit for roughly 800 and tick for 150, it takes a long time to kill them, although they dont run, so with a group of 3-4 ae’ers they would be much easier. Their stun is only 4s long.

Tranquil Thought:
This step requires you to run to the 2 pyramids in abysmal lake. You’re looking for the heiroglyphs on the sides at the dot location on your quest map. I just trained by them, you’ll know you found the right one when you get a blue message flash on the screen.

Visit the 3 pyramids, then head back to the portal on your map.

I found the easiest way was to scale the backside of the portal on horseback. Then hop onto the small white ledge on either side. Once up there (or before) make a macro with the words:

/say Zah Nee Whop

Then run your horse straight up towards the top of the platform, once he gets airborne, spam the macro, and It will update the quest. Then hightail it outta there because by then the 3 5 dots will be on your tail. (credit goes to Khaleel for telling me what to say)

Hero’s strength:
Plain and simple, kill 15 of the mobs near the portal (can be any of them in the area, near the water, on the sides, they all count)
Once 15 are dead, do the same trick for tranquil thought for getting up to the portal, only this time you just have to get airborne and the quest auto updates.

Viola you now have the first heroic neck piece and justice rank.

High Justice Rank (16K Faction)
Working towards this rank only offers 2 group quests.
Killing Xarkin Sages in abysmal lake.

One quest requires you to collect 30 or so charm looking dealibobs, these are semi-rare drop off the MINI looking xarkin. Think of them as runts of the litter. It takes me a good 100-120 mobs to get 30 charms. Turning this quest in however yeilds 200 faction which is much more than the previous ranks.

The other quest is a straight 75 kill quest. you have to kill the cats at the end of the abysmal lake, this one rewards 120 faction. If you do the two small group quests you end up with around +450-500 faction after turn in and counting the # of mobs you have to kill.

Its a nice change of pace to be able to do these two for about 500 faction istead of getting a whole group together for a crypt run.

Tranquil Thought & Hero’s Strength
I put these two together because they both ask you to do the same thing. You must spawn the medal event in all 4 pyramids. You dont have to actually complete the event, just spawn the Lucent Circle mobs.

Spawning a temple event:
I’ll list the basics on poping a temple here, and then the hazards on each temple after.
kill down to the bottom of each crypt.

Once at the bottom room, clear the 3 legs of the room, the path to the center cirular platform as you enter and the left/right of the center circular platform (all 4 crypts are the same floorplan at the bottom)

Basically just the 6-9 mobs you need to kill to get to the center circular platform, then the 6-9 mobs on each side (leave the ones in the water alone), and any mobs in the back platform behind the orb.

You must have Justice rank to Click the orb, once clicked the rest of the mobs in the room will rush the orb, DO NOT LET THEM GET TO THE ORB. attack them cc them, ae them, take a death if you have to. You have to stop them from reaching the orb for about 6 seconds.

The only real hazard in this crypt is the falling floors. If everyone in the group has LEV the floors will not fall. If however you do not have group lev you will need to cross one at a time, and wait for the floor to come back up each time.

Getting to the bottom of this crypt is a bit tricky if you dont know the correct combination. There is a room with swinging pillars that will knock you off combined with a false floor that only has ONE path across.

To cross the bridge you must count the # of vertical lines on the squares. You must go in this pattern 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 2

For example
#1 = _|

#2 = |_|

#3 = |_|_|

#4 = |_|_|

#5 = |_|_|

#6 = |_|_|

Now once you get to the 4 swinging pendjulums(sp?) there is one block inbetween each one to rest and time the next 2 blocks. What you do is stop at the first one, plan your route to the next 2, and wait for the pendjulum to swing in front of you, then move 2 squares. wait and plan the next 2, and repeat.

You may find it much easier to range pull the 2 guards on the opposite side and the 1 roamer before making the trip across.

Also if you die at any point in time, run to the opposite side, and release your corpse. Then consent a member of the party and they can drag your tombstone up and rez you from there. (this is for the lazy people or not so coordinated ones)

This crypt is the second easiest layout, and only has one path that drops just like the one in opudufi, again use lev, or one at a time to cross this part.

This crypt has yet another bridge with swinging penjulums that will knock you off. I believe its supposed to snare everyone by 80-85% once you enter the room but not everyone gets snared. There is plenty of room between the penjulums to wait for it to swing across.

What I do is look towards the wall and pan the camera around so it is facing the wall. In this view the penjulums swing across the right hand side of your screen instead of across the whole screen. I face this way because its easier to tell when in the “safe” zone between the swinging penjulums.

Also if you die at any point in time, run to the opposite side, and release your corpse. Then consent a member of the party and they can drag your tombstone up and rez you from there. (this is for the lazy people or not so coordinated ones)


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